Redmoon Rising Raid Preview

Written by Team WildStar on August 01, 2016

The Redmoon Terror raid fast approaches, and the first tale in this terrifying saga of extraterrestrial doom is the Redmoon Rising update—arriving August 17!

The Redmoon Terror

In a transmission intercepted from a Protostar QC recovery team—presumably on a routine mission to annoy every sentient creature in the galaxy—a craft reportedly hulking in the Nexus skyline has been identified as the remains of an abandoned pirate ship known as the Redmoon Terror. A spokesperson for the Ekose Shiphands Union was able to specify that the floating fortress had been a Marauder flagship seized in a murderous mutiny by none other than Mordechai Redmoon himself—who then very humbly attached his own name to it. Known to have bitten the proverbial moon dust on Skullcano Island, the ship of Mordechai Redmoon serves as a haunting reminder of his vast (and past) pirating deeds—if not the general dangers of space debris.

Even after all this time the ship now appears to be teeming with activity, believed by some to be automated response systems due to its proximity to the Nexus atmosphere. But one of the first captains of the ship, Ish’amel—back when it was called the Nebula's Knave—believes the crew to now be risen from the dead by the insidious Laveka the Dark-Hearted, and is offering a reward to all able bodied adventurers willing to end this undead nightmare.

Spooky sorcery or just spinning space trash? You decide!

Redmoon Rising

After identifying the nature of the threat posed by this cursed craft and its risen captain, Ish’amel is calling on the most bad-ass level-50 heroes to board the dread ship Redmoon Terror and confront its malevolent Marauder menace. Those who raid the vessel and live to talk about it will walk away with some precious plunder, and promising new levels of power. Don’t storm in ill-prepared though! Redmoon Rising is a foreboding first foray onto this ship—a challenge demanding even of those adventurers with experience braving the Datascape!

Before you blast off to certain doom, let’s take a look at the filthiest of foes—among mini-bosses and other mischievous minions—you’ll encounter. All aboard the Redmoon Terror!

Swabbie Ski’li

Normally on cleaning duty for the disposal chutes, Swabbie Ski’li has suddenly found the walking dead in his domain. With the flick of a switch, he’ll be throwing all unwanted invaders into his giant shredder.


A horrible amalgam of mechanical and biological waste that “lives” in the trash compactor, Robomination also happens to be a bit territorial—just FYI.

The Redmoon Engineers

The brothers Wilbargh and Orvulgh reign supreme in the Main Engineering Core. While they can’t agree on who’s in charge, they agree that no one gets through Engineering without their say-so.

Mordechai Redmoon

The Dread Captain has returned! Laveka’s dark power keeps his heart beating, and he’s dead-set on once again becoming the most powerful Marauder Captain in the universe.

Redmoon Mutiny

Laveka and her remaining instruments of horror are menaces to look forward to in the Redmoon Mutiny update arriving soon after Redmoon Rising. The most ardent heroes will have the opportunity to loot additional spoils, complete their new class armors sets, and deal with the true threat once and for all.


Redmoon Rising will be available on August 17, so don’t get caught sitting on the sidelines when zombie space pirates are literally on the horizon! 

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