Heroes Evolved Now Live!

Written by Team WildStar on July 14, 2016

The latest update for WildStar is now live, and brings a meteoric-ton of new features and system refinements. View the full Heroes Evolved patch notes on the official forums.

Heroes Evolved Patch Highlights

Level 50 Boost

  • Purchase and create level-50 characters, allowing you to quickly add a new alt or catch up to your friends, and jump directly to max-level content.


  • Queue up for multiple types of instanced content, either solo or as a group.

Cross-Faction Instances

  • Faction restrictions for Dungeons, Expeditions, Practice Arenas, and Battlegrounds have been removed.

New Race/Class Combinations

  • Two new race/class combinations—Chua Warrior and Aurin Engineer—can be purchased and unclocked from the In-Game Store.

Race and Gender Changes

  • Change your character’s race or gender at the Chop Shop vendors found in-game.

Path Master

  • You can now learn and level up additional Paths, and switch between them at any time.

More Account-Wide Offerings

  • Protostar Promissory Notes and a number of AMP and Ability Tier Points are now account-wide and able to be used by any of your characters.

Enhanced Arcterra Rewards

  • Arcterra Soulfrost vendors now have enhanced gear and rewards to help players better prepare for veteran expeditions, dungeons, and raids.


See the full Heroes Evolved patch notes on the official forums.

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