Destination Arcterra

Written by Team WildStar on February 01, 2016

Welcome to "Destination Arcterra"—WildStar's next exciting content update! During this release cycle, players will travel to some of the most remote and mysterious locations on planet Nexus, surrounded by a motley crew of famous heroes, dangerous enemies, and the deadliest critters this side of the Fringe. And it’ll be available soon on the WildStar PTR.

Arriving in Arcterra

The recently discovered frozen wasteland of Arcterra is full of mysterious ruins, dangerous creatures, and ancient technology. This brand new max-level zone offers dynamic content and events for solo players or groups of roving adventurers, presenting new challenges at every turn.

  • "Snowballing" Boss Encounters: As players defeat bosses across the frozen wastes of Arcterra, even more powerful bosses appear—offering greater challenges and awesome rewards!
  • Heavy Weather: During this blizzard event, players will compete to collect keys from epic bosses—opening up exclusive access to a secret event for their faction.
  • Loot, Loot and More Loot: Arcterra has its own reward track, offering dedicated players cool loot like new costume pieces, a unique mount, and more.

Vault of the Archon

WildStar's world story continues with Chapter 2 of the Nexus Saga—Vault of the Archon. Located deep in the frozen wastes of Arcterra is the mysterious Vault of the Archon, rumored to contain the Eldan’s most forbidden secrets. This new story-driven instance will continue the epic tale of Drusera and the escalating conflict with the malevolent Entity.

  • Awesome gameplay: This instance features unique gameplay mechanics, secret locations, and memorable boss encounters.
  • Unforgettable Storytelling: Join Dorian Walker and Artemis Zin in this epic adventure with breathtaking environments, great cinematics, and fully voiced NPCs.
  • Play with your friends: Vault of the Archon now supports multi-player! Players can either choose to play solo, or experience it with their friends.

And There's More to Come...

Keep your eyes open for further updates on even more exciting things happening during Destination Arcterra and beyond—including information about everyone's favorite Lopp fortune teller, tidbits about undead zombie pirates, and protips about how to make your most awesome gear even awesomer. Stay tuned!

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