2nd Annual Protostar Protosale & Freebies

Written by Team WildStar on November 25, 2015

Despite the constant war and fight for survival, there’s still much to be thankful for on Nexus, and we’re about to add a whole lot more—for a limited time! In an obvious attempt to increase buyer engagement before Winterfest, the Protostar Corporation has put out some special, limited-time discounts and even some freebies (shhh, don’t tell Phineas!). Starting November 25 and going until November 30, 2015, there are a whole metric space-ton of new deals that you do not want to miss.

Free Login Bonus

Battlesworn Costume Set and Flask of Advancement

If you log in to WildStar between 12:01am PST, November 25 and 11:59pm PST, November 30, you will get two free items:

  • Battlesworn Costume Set
  • Flask of Advancement (increases XP gained by 50% for three hours)

You’ll receive both of these galactically glamorous items in your mailbox by December 3, and be able to exclaim proudly “Look at me! I was capable of logging into the game between 12:01am PST, November 25 and 11:59pm PST, November 30!”

Many Protostar clones were recycled to bring us these freebies, so don’t miss out! Let their demise be your free prize!

Explosive Discounts

Arkship Orbiter
Black Friday Egg Toy

The One (1) NCoin Toy Sale

From the evening of November 25 until the evening of November 30, get the following toys for just a single NCoin each!

  • 1.21 Gigazaps
  • 88-Proof Boardwax
  • Gold Arkship Orbiter
  • Plague Cauldron
  • Spider Egg


Black Friday Mounts on Sale

Whole Mounts for Half Price

Normally you’d have to cut these mounts in half to get deals like these, but not this time! So put away your jigsaws and dinner knives, a wide selection of completely whole mounts are on sale in the in-game store for as much as 50% off! It’s the perfect time to get in-game and find yourself a new carry-you-everywhere companion. Sale goes from the evening of November 25 until the evening of November 30.

To access the store:

  • Launch the game
  • Click on the icon on the bottom left that looks like the letter “N”
  • Or just press the letter “U” on your keyboard for a shortcut

Most everything on the store can be purchased using either OmniBits (a free currency earned in-game alongside XP), or NCoin, so get your Protostar-approved items today!

Double XP X-Plosion!

Double XP X-Plosion!

For a limited time, Protostar is giving players a Double XP X-Plosion! From November 27 at 2:01am PST and running all the way through 11:59pm PST on November 29, 2015, earn twice as much XP as usual—double, you might say! Try it out on dungeons, expeditions, adventures, or anywhere else XP-getters like to get XP.


Hurry, these great deals and freebies are only here for a limited time - and there’s never been a better time to start playing WildStar—for free!

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