PvP Playtime on Jabbit EU

Written by Team WildStar on July 14, 2015

For too long have the WildStar devs sat on the sidelines of PvP battlegrounds. It's time to get in on the action!

We’ve scheduled time on Wednesday, July 15th, from 7 pm to 8 pm UTC for a small team of our devs to enjoy some friendly PvP in Walatiki Temple. Can't join them? Maybe you'll get the chance to beat them!

The details:

  • This is an EU-only event being held on the Jabbit Megaserver.
  • Devs will begin queuing up for Walatiki Temple (and only Walatiki Temple) at 7pm UTC sharp and play for one hour.
  • This will be a “for fun only” level-50 event.
  • In that spirit, all participating devs have been issued a level-50 character with Warplot-quality items, and they will be prohibited from using any GM powers.
  • Important! Devs will be queueing for Practice Battlegrounds only so as not to alter any personal ratings. This will also give more people an opportunity to potentially play with a WildStar developer.

Queue up, have some fun, and get those bragging rights. Jabbit-eurs, assemble!

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