Moore on Lore... and More!

Written by Chad Moore on April 21, 2015

Hey everyone!

Over the last five months, we have been releasing an ongoing series of exciting stories that chronicle the most epic events in the history of the WildStar universe. We covered everything from the voyages of the Nomad - the first Cassian interstellar starship - to the unforgettable discovery of planet Nexus itself by the famous Exile explorer Dorian Walker. In between, we've learned the sordid details of events like the War of Gnox, the ascension of the Eldan to godhood, and the horrifying spread of the Contagion on planet Grismara. All of these stories have been presented in our interactive WildStar Timeline, each one with its own custom artwork that really brings these epic stories to life.

Last week we released the final chapter of this series - "The Genesis Prime" - which served as a great conclusion to everything that had come before, delving into the character of Drusera and the mysteries of what exactly took place on planet Nexus. It also sets the stage for the extraordinary stories that you will experience in WildStar in the future, which we will be talking about in the coming weeks and months.

And that's not all! In two weeks we will be returning to the Loremageddon, where we will release even more glorious WildStar lore based on questions submitted by the community, so stay tuned.

I want to thank everyone who has made this journey with us. The universe of WildStar is an exciting and mysterious place full of endless adventure - but all of you are the most important characters in the stories we have to tell.


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