The Megaservers are live!

Written by Team WildStar on October 15, 2014

Denizens of Nexus,   

The WildStar Megaservers are now open for everyone! Here’s just a taste of what Megaservers mean for you:

  • Megaservers come in four flavors; one PvP and PvE Megaserver each for North America and Europe. North America’s PvP Megaserver is called Warhound, and Europe’s is named Luminai. North America’s PvE Megaserver is titled Entity and Europe’s is Jabbit
  • Megaservers mean mega-increased server capacity! With more players on each server, finding players to group up with for Dungeons, Raids, and good ole fashioned mayhem has never been easier.
  • Your character now has a surname! The first time you login, you will get to pick an awesome new second name for your character. Need help choosing? Check out our naming guides here: Exile and Dominion.
  • Guild names have been reset. Unique guild names will be saved for the oldest guild (based on created timestamp) but don’t worry; we’ll be giving more info on how you can change your guild name soon.
  • Character creation capacity has increased from six to twelve, so now you can roll even more alts and play how you want!
  • To say thank you for bearing with us through the Megaserver maintenance, we are giving every active player a month’s worth of Boom Boxes (that’s 30!), and one full day of free game time! You will see the additional game time credited to your account on October 17, 2014!
  • For a limited time, all characters can transfer from the PvP Megaserver to the PvE Megaserver for free, once. If you’ve been debating whether you should make the jump from PvP to PvE, do so now! This offer ends at 11AM PDT on Monday, October 20th, 2014.

Got more questions about Megaservers? We’ve got you covered! Check out our Megaservers FAQ.

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