Axis Pheydra is one of the oldest sentient beings in the galaxy. She was the Mechari Millennial the Eldan assigned to lead Dominus to his destiny as the first emperor (and to protect the empire he would found). She has served as head of the ICI for more than a millennium, and has earned a reputation as a cold-blooded operator willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure the security and prosperity of the Dominion.

As the heart of the empire moves from Cassus to Nexus, the indomitable Pheydra must protect her emperor while simultaneously learning about the Eldan and their ultimate plans for the Dominion. Witnessing first-hand the machinations of her Eldan creators on Nexus, she has given extensive thought to the role she plays in the grand scheme of things. Pheydra wishes to discover what the next phase of her mission will be, especially considering that she now possesses Omega-level access following her experience in OMNI-Core-1.

  • Affiliation: Dominion
  • Species: Mechari
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 2,300 years old (estimate)

Forms of Address

Axis: As the leader of the Imperial Core of Intelligence, Pheydra holds the title of Axis.

The Emperor's Shadow: Pheydra has served every emperor the Dominion has ever known, and arguably ensured the stability and expansion of the Dominion more than any other individual in its history.

Physical Description

Axis Pheydra is a Millennial, one of the original Mechari sent with Dominus to rule the new Dominion. Each surviving Millennial has evolved a unique appearance over more than two thousand years. Pheydra favors a smoother, simpler chassis than most of her kin, plated with advanced armor alloys that can easily repel most forms of energy and projectiles without taking a scratch. She does have a few built-in weapons, but they are not externally visible to the untrained eye.


Axis Pheydra is an extremely powerful and important individual in the Dominion, and her personality reflects that. She often speaks with a certain dramatic flourish, a threatening pleasantness that can be extremely frightening to those who have earned her displeasure.

That being said, she can also be aggressively confident and direct, and frequently earns her reputation as a cold, calculating individual willing to kill without remorse to achieve her ends. When pushed to extremes, Axis Pheydra can become extremely angry—and smart people clear the room when she does.


Ostensibly sent to serve as a translator and bodyguard for Dominus on his long journey back to Cassus, Pheydra's true mission was even more critical—ensuring the survival, success, and expansion of the Dominion. This primary objective was best served by becoming the emperor's confidant, and she soon found herself sharing many of the first emperor's secrets.

Dominus trusted few others, but knew Axis Pheydra would live on even after his long life was over. With this in mind, he was especially careful to share with her his best possible advice and guidance for those who would rule after him. She has shared this advice with every emperor since, helping to ensure the Dominion's progress was not thwarted.

Her position as keeper of the emperor's secrets naturally led Dominus to appoint Pheydra as the head of intelligence. She subsequently created the Imperial Corps of Intelligence and has always been its one and only leader—known as the Axis—of the ICI. Pheydra has always had the complete trust of the Luminai emperors, and she would never intentionally betray that trust unless the Dominion itself was at stake.

When Vorios of House Chaul became emperor after the untimely death of Jarec the Vigilant, Axis Pheydra planned to serve him as loyally as she'd served the earlier emperors. However, she soon learned of Vorios's hand in the death of his predecessor. Pheydra soon realized that Vorios was a petty, vengeful ruler. Analyses and simulations revealed that his continued reign might lead to the fall of the Dominion.

Given that Pheydra’s analysis defined Vorios as a threat to the empire she was sworn to protect, her primary objective demanded she take action. She set about seeking a solution and soon found one in the form of Myrcalus, the young head of House Azrion. He already suspected foul play in the death of Jarec (his cousin, also of House Azrion) and sought proof that Vorios had Jarec assassinated.

Pheydra, working from the shadows, helped provide the young Luminai with information that would lead to the death of Vorios by Myrcalus’s hand. With the passing of Vorios, the Dominion’s Age of Darkness ended the day Myrcalus rose to the throne. Since then, Pheydra has faithfully served the young emperor, who the people refer to as "Dominus Reborn."