Game Classes


Esper Gameplay


Espers use psychic abilities to charge up their psyblades and projections. Brain power never felt so good!


While others waste time swinging clunky metal swords at you, you'll be ventilating them with an indestructible wit-sharpened stiletto forged from 100% superego! Unlike their flimsy milquetoast steel counterparts, your psy-blade projections be flung with deadly abandon among your cerebrally disadvantaged victims! Brain power never felt so good!

Benevolent Illusions

They say time heals all wounds, but why wait? Humiliate generations of traditional physicians by restoring life and buffing armor using only the power of your mind! And if you ever dreamed of transforming into a health-restoring, rainbow-pooping spirit animal? BOOM.

Terrifying Nightmares

Tired of hearing that you cause "bad vibes" and fly off the handle over "nothing"? Put those judgmental haters on the short bus to payback school! Use your enemies' worst fears against them, attacking with nightmarish psycho-kinetic horrors guaranteed to stop even the hardiest of hearts.


Only four races can translate thoughts into homicides. One of them Chua (big surprise).

Class Roles

Blending targeted skill-shots and AE healing make Espers superb rejuvenators and DPS.


Primary Stats
  • Insight
Secondary Stats
  • Finesse
  • Brutality


Primary Stats
  • Moxie
Secondary Stats
  • Finesse
  • Brutality



  • Pre-order bonus items
  • Exclusive Rocket House
  • Exclusive Housing Trophy
  • Exclusive In-Game Title
  • Access to Beta Weekends
  • 3 Day Head Start
  • In-game Storage Bag
  • And More!

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