Game Classes


Engineer Gameplay


Launchers, bots and an Exo-Suit mean Engineers are more than just grease monkeys: they're blood monkeys!


"Concealed" weapons are for grandmas! Grow a pair by grabbing LaunchCorp's Launch-O-Matic QT-Pi Ultra-Standard and fire some rocket-propelled attitude adjustment into the awe-struck face of anyone who gets in your way. Sure, the launcher's sheer power might just dislocate the joints in both your arms, but wait until you see the other guy's!


Nothing says engineer like a posse of homemade mechanical servitors! Constructed in the greasy depths of your workshop, these industrial-strength beauts will repair you and disassemble your enemies faster than you can say 'hostile oil change'. Plus, you don't have to worry about making friends!


What's an Engineer without his Exo-Suit? Less armored! But with it on, he's the toughest grease-monkey to ever solder a circuit! With multiple combat modes that crank up your obliteration quotient or make you 100% resistant to mushroom clouds, this deadly tech-tuxedo proves that impeccable style ain't just for peacetime!


Unsurprisingly, species with strong technical chops tend to skew towards Engineering.

Class Roles

Engineers can go toe to toe with foes as well as hurl major DPS from a distance.


Primary Stats
  • Technology
Secondary Stats
  • Insight
  • Grit


Primary Stats
  • Finesse
Secondary Stats
  • Moxie
  • Brutality



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