A 15 v 15 Battleground with Bombs, Mounts, Airstrikes and BOMBS!

Sabotage is a new battleground match-type coming to WildStar, by way of an all-new map whose very name evokes all the many joys of time-bombing: Daggerstone Pass! But be warned, countdown enthusiasts: victory at Sabotage will require more than just pyromania. You’ll need cunning strategy, meticulously coordinated attacks, and, most important of all, a willingness to blow up enemies.

Timed Explosion Fundamentals: Put the Rad Back in 'Blast Radius!'

In the demo-licious world of Sabotage, cooperation and communication are paramount. Holding objectives in the center of the map allows the controlling team to bombard enemy defenses with devastating frequency. But since even momentary neglect leaves your base vulnerable to the same punishment, every decision could have pivotal consequences.
The only question is, will you be sharp…or shrapnel?

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The Legendary endless battle for Daggerstone Pass!

When Exile settlers intent on building an ore mine arrived in Daggerstone Pass at the same time as a Dominion scientific expedition there to plumb the treasures of the nearby Eldan ruin, things were sort of touch and go at first. After several meetings, both sides agreed to a 30-second “delay of hostilities.”

Vein in the Pass!

After much debate within their respective groups, the commanders of both sides met, famously shrugged, and simultaneously uttered the now iconic phrase, “Let’s fight now…” The violent battle for the whole enchilada has raged steadily and inconclusively ever since.

It is said that sometimes on a dark night, if one listens carefully between the constant deafening bomb explosions, one can hear the soulful kibitzing of sidelined miners, archeologists, and real estate developers hoping in vain for a chance to work…


Here’s how it works: Destroy the enemy fusion core, you win!

Here’s how else it works: if yours dies, you lose!
It’s like the old saying goes, “A fortress without a fusion core is just a fortress.” That’s why if you’re serious about humiliating enemies, you’ll go for the quick win by pummeling your enemy right where it hurts: in his neutrons!

Only Two Things Damage Fusion Cores: Bombs and Bombs!

Look, you can’t just mosey up and club a fusion core with a sword! This is the future, so you’ll need to use explosions. Either drop bombs from airships or hand-deliver some BOOM! And your science teacher tried to tell you nucleosynthesis was “complicated,” pfft.


Did Someone Order Extra Smithereens?

Make your enemies an offer they can’t defuse by planting bombs in the one area they’ll least expect: E V E R Y W H E R E ! ! ! Equally effective against clumps of enemies and fusion cores, there’s no better, louder, or funnier way to say “I hate you.” Best of all, you don’t need to be a specialist to handle these explosives, let alone know the first thing about safety. Just pick it up, transport it to the places and/or people that you’re interested in blowing up, and bomb’s your uncle!

Blowing People Up: Anticipation is the Second Best Part!

Through the magic of modern explosionology, a handy countdown timer automatically ticks down the seconds, freeing you up to be splattered with smoldering gobs of enemy pate! Only you can see your team’s timer, so don’t be afraid to leave the enemy a gift... with 3 seconds left. He may just want to come back for three second helpings!

Yes, We Encourage Shoplifting...Bombs! Do the Time, Then the Crime!

If an enemy player leaves a bomb lying around, make like a tree and drop it right on either his head or his fusion core’s head. But be careful, debris enthusiast: gettin’ someone to clean up that much mess won’t come cheap!


Take The Under Out of Your Underachievements!

Sages claim the only achievement worth doing is to be known as an honest man. Fail! Flaunt your sublime skilldiggery at carrying explosives by unlocking over a dozen new Sabo-themed achievements and collectible DIS-honorifics! What better way to add insult to injury than by pointing out to your opponents that they’ve just been blown up by the Scourge of Daggerstone Pass? After all, your face isn’t just the last thing they ever see – it’s one they’ll never forget!


Fishing with Dynamite

You've killed an enemy with a bomb detonation


Phone Home

You've captured the Uplink 50 times in Daggerstone Pass


I came to drop bombs…

You've picked up 50 bombs in Daggerstone Pass


Assault on Daggerstone

You've killed at least 12 players in a single match in Daggerstone Pass


Attack in Daggerstone

You've assisted with at least 40 player kills in a single match in Daggerstone Pass


Daggerstone Rescue

You've saved at least 6 players in a single match in Daggerstone Pass


Daggerstone Destruction

You've dealt at least 825,000 damage in a single match for Daggerstone Pass. Bravo.


Sabotage Soother

You've healed at least 1,000,000 damage in a single match for Daggerstone Pass. Bravo.


Sabotage Slayer

You have killed 4 enemies in a row without dying in Daggerstone Pass


Bomb Squad

You have assisted on 5 enemy kills in Daggerstone Pass

The Scourge of Daggerstone Pass

You were the top 10% of killers in a single Daggerstone Pass match

Heavy Hitter

You were the top 10% of damage dealers in a single Daggerstone Pass match

Sabotage Savior

You were the top 10% of healers in a single Daggerstone Pass match


Don We Now Our Blast Apparel!

Sure, bombing gobs of armored aliens over political differences is its own reward. But just to sweeten the killing pot, we’ve added more swanky sabo-terrific schwag than you can shake a TNT stick at! From lethally stylish new crafting patterns to quality footwear that allow the discriminating sabooteur to dramatically enhance their favorite stat (usually finesse), there’s something for the finickiest fulmination enthusiast. And Mom said there was no future in blowing yourself up! Who’s exploding NOW, Ma?


Daggerstone Pass Boots

Daggerstone Pass Boots

Light - Medium - Heavy | Level 46

A Bit of Torrent: Activate 50 Satellite uplinks in Daggerstone Pass

Special: Calisthenics

+44 (Random Stat)

Décor Items

10 New Exile and Dominion-themed Housing Items

Exile Base Fence

Keep IN the riffraff – you! (Warning: electrocution has been known to cause bulging eyes, soot marks, ear-smoke, and frizzly hair in comedians. But barbed wire is generally harmless except when used as dental floss, crochet thread, or fencing material.)

Exile Medical Monitor

With this standing in your front yard, the only illness you’ll ever suffer again is dying....of hypochondria! (Warning: device does not actually monitor vitals. Prolonged proximity over the course of decades may lead to mild radiation poisoning and placebo redefinition.)

Exile Turret

Good fences may make good neighbors (see above), but turrets make dead ones! (Warning: ammunition production has been discontinued for safety reasons. Working laser turrets should not be used to slice holiday meats unless aimed.)

Exile Spotlight

Just because you’re an Exile doesn’t mean you have to be on the defensive! Put the “um” back in “illumination” and shine a light on the adjacent possessions of others! Available in both strip-tease and prison-yard settings!  (Warning: bulb availability “spotty.”)

Exile Notice Board

While its engravings are written in an untranslatable and imaginary tongue, this kiosk has all the answers to every question you’ll ever (and never) ask! (Warning: reading has been known to cause sleepiness and literacy outbreaks.)

Dominion Cage

Just tell your neighbors your house has lots of bars in it! (Warning: prolonged incarceration has been found to lead to escape attempts, baseball obsession, cakes with files in them, and literary masterpieces.)

Dominion Emblem

Put the “bad” back in “badge of office,” because it’s not paranoia when you’re really after them! Good for flaunting a strong sense of national identity or, if you’re an Exile, to dump trash on! (Warning: emblems have been found to be effective substitutes for forming opinions.)

Dominion Military Fence

The only thing this fence DOESN’T do is sell stolen goods! Yet! (Warning: fence-sitting has been found to cause indecision in lollygaggers, irreparable brain trauma in sentient eggs, romantic hand-holding, and metaphors.)

Dominion Medical Station

Because a person’s physical health is the fifth greatest architecture of all! (Warning: hospitalization has been found to cause candy-striping, primetime drama, shortened lifespan from insurance hassles, and disorderlies.)

Dominion Fuel Tank

Not only will lighting this baby up will be a real “gas” but thanks to the magic of flame-retardant metal, you’ll never lack again for a container in which to deposit your archaic energy fluids until this one’s full! (Warning: actual ignition impossible.)

Sabotage: Gameplay